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I Andeel Ali joined Youth Parliament of Pakistan as a member in 2009, I was amazed and astonished by the concept of a countrywide organization, involved in youth empowerment, I got the opportunity to attend the Active Citizen’s programme on behalf of YPP and implemented my first Social Action Project in 2010. In the same year, YPP selected me to be a part of the National Project Steering Committee of Know Your Rights, I was a bit puzzled to first know about a Human Rights Education program, my first response was “do we really need such a thing?” After the NPSC meeting I started studying about Human Rights and the concepts like Xenophobia, Working conditions and the right to work and leisure became clear to me, I realized most of my rights were denied to me! I not knowing about them didn’t cared about raising my voice about them. Then, in 2011 YPP selected me for the Training of Trainers of KYR, the concepts of Human Rights were further cleared, where they come from, why we need them and we just don’t need to demand rights! We have to take in account that other person’s rights are my responsibility and it is not a one sided process.

I then implemented KYR sessions in major cities of Sindh including, Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana, along with other trainers of Karachi and of Hyderabad. After every session my knowledge and experience multiplied, I developed a deeper understanding of Human Rights and their importance in the society. And I always became ecstatic, whenever my KYR Alumni cascaded their learning of KYR among their peers and in the society at large.
Recently, I was selected for the Advanced Training of Trainers by YPP on KYR, primarily focusing on Participatory system of Education and learning, this session was quiet unique in nature. As trainers from all over, Pakistan got a chance to share their experiences & learning, we exchanged our knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding human rights and our training & facilitation approaches! This gave us a chance to replenish and increase our intellect base!
My best learning was, as Maryem Axeem said, “An expert trainer, isn’t just limited to a single Human Rights Education Manual, he moves forward and adopts new manuals. Thus enriching the learning experience for the participants.”