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This year, I got an opportunity to attend the workshop on Youth Action for Democracy (project) held under the label of Youth Parliament of Pakistan. The workshop was held for 3 days in Lahore, and its aim was to encourage the participation of young people in the development of country and how young people can help in overcoming the obstacles like corruption, lack of law and justice, illiteracy, poverty etc. One of the best things about this workshop was that it provided the platform to many young people to raise their voice regarding the issues being currently faced by the country especially in the name of democracy.
One of the main agendas of this workshop was to aware young people about the importance of “VOTE”, and how big change, a small thing like vote can bring. Apart from the importance of voting, issues like division of political system, role of feudal/caste system, role of religious scholars, role of political parties, in the political system of Pakistan were also discussed. A very healthy debates and arguments were also held by participants on such topics. There was food for thought for everybody. Through this workshop, the young people did not only learn about the problems being faced by the country but also learned how they can together as a UNIT work to sort these problems.
The workshop was a very good step taken by the Youth Parliament of Pakistan in order to educate and guide young people about their role in the process of democracy and how with their small efforts they can bring a big positive change in the society. In my opinion such workshops should be held for youth as such workshops are very educating and guide youth to play their part for the betterment of their country. It was very innovative step taken by YPP and such workshops should be held more often.

By Warda Shafiq Bhatti
YPP Member