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I can hear it everyday
the pain of the world and whats left in it
u cud too if you just gave a damn
instead of your pathetic sympathy

The world is dying
and we'd rather hide than face our part in this global crime
a crime which snuffs out innocents for bucks and poll ratings
we'd rather stand by and sigh and say "but what can we do?"

What can we not do?
Its time to turn away from all these mortal pleasures
and step into the fire which changes us
and then make the fire which changes the world
He who would bring light must endure its burning
Burn to gain the divine spirit
burn to breath life into this world

dont label me
dont care who i am
how long im gonna stay
keep your pathetic words away
im da voice of da reality
what u call insanity
but i dont give a damn
to what u think
and what u said
u think ur free
think again..
WHO AM I !!!

i aint affraid of the future
its just this hell we made that worries me
the brain dead demons around me
why are ya even reading the crap they wrote
why are ya even screaming the way they did
words they're playing with
lives they're playing with
hearts they're playing with
what reward is there in that
still waiting for some magical things to happen?
and why anyway
Wake up Goddamn it..

could i taste one sip of an answer
could i break out of this prison?
i didn't come here on my own
whoever brought me here,
will have to take me home
through death to my eternal star
how long have i lived anyway? long enough!
where am i gonna hide
can i find myself
lost in all these lies..

do acid, coke and smokin dope then
hang around drugs and loud music
Play it loud, very loud!
wid marijuana n weedz
and ask urself... who hate the world?
iz this gonna last forever
do you have any idea?

tell these people alive
people of sweet smiles
showing way to the lights!

darkness wanna change its way...

and it hates life

By Ali Hammad
Media Productions, Manager
Head Office, SAFWCO Hyderabad.