About project “Youth Action for Democracy (YAD)"

Our Mission Statement

The Youth Parliament of Pakistan (YPP) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious program initiated by Mr.Abrar-ul-Haq to foster and translate talent and excellence of adolescents and youths of Pakistan into tangible action and community service


Aims & Objectives of the Youth Parliament:
  • To develop character and strengthen moral fiber in the youth. 
  • To inculcate democratic values in the youth of Pakistan. 
  • To train and nurture leadership, citizenship and ability for governance in youth.
  • To foster tolerance, moderation, ingenuity and self reliance.

Projects of Youth Parliament of Pakistan

Youth Action for Democracy (YAD)

Project Strategy

The project strategy revolves around the following three important components:
1. Community Mobilization (focus on youth)
2. Use of media and other ICE tools
3. Capacity Building of youth

In terms of community mobilization every District Youth Assembly of Youth Parliament of Pakistan is administered by YPP’s District Project Managers (DPMs) and a core group of registered members of Youth Parliament of Pakistan. In the form of DYAs, Youth Parliament of Pakistan has already completed the most important component of any project – that is community mobilization – and in all 18 districts young people have formally registered to take part in various programs/activities of Youth Parliament of Pakistan.

Every District Youth Assembly organises regular meetings with all the members and especially with the members of the core group. For this project, 75-80 of a district’s most active and hard-working youth have been grouped together and given the name of a Youth Democracy Team.
Each team is responsible for carrying out the following tasks: peer group discussions in their particular district, capacity building through training workshops, voter-registration awareness campaigns, holding sensitization sessions in colleges and universities and the development of a Youth Charter of Demand.

The Youth Democracy Team Members will receive mentoring and support by Democracy Resource Banks. They will also be responsible for cascading their learning through a set of 5 planned activities in their district and for the continuation of project related activities even after the projects’ official completion.


The project “Youth Action for Democracy (YAD) – Strengthening Democracy by Empowering Youth in Pakistan” is an initiative of Youth Parliament of Pakistan (YPP) in collaboration with United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). In 2009, Youth Parliament of Pakistan, along with British Council produced a research document, the purpose of which was to document the attitudes, practices and perceptions of young people in the country. The findings of that report were shocking; only 39% of youth voted in the last general elections of 2008 and half of them were not even on the voters’ list. Apart from that, only 33% of the youth were in favor of democracy as a way forward for Pakistan. These are some of the reasons why YPP conceived this project. (Give a link for Next Generation Report here).

Project Objectives

  • To inculcate democratic values in the youth of Pakistan thus enabling them to form a truly democratic society

  • Enhance knowledge and understanding about democracy and human rights amongst Pakistani youth

  • Increased participation in electoral processes by young people in the 18 project districts of Pakistan.

  • Greater awareness of human rights and democracy amongst youth in the 18 project districts

  • Better opportunities for young girls/women to freely participate in the political system and have increased information and knowledge about democracy and human rights.

  • Greater promotion and dissemination of youth-led discussions and activities around democracy in the country, using a variety of media

  • Stronger networks established between young people and veteran pro-democracy and rights activists/advocates at local level

  • Creation of major dissemination tools to showcase youth concerns and perceptions about the prevailing democratic system in the country and highlight good practices and attitudes of youth.

Targeted Districts

Youth Action for Democracy Project has its presence in the following districts:

  • Punjab- Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Sargodha, Sialkot, Multan, Bahawalpur and Faisalabad
  • Balochistan- Quetta and Loralai
  • Khyber Pakhtoonkha- Peshawar and Abbottabad
  • Sindh- Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur
  • Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK)- Muzaffarabad, Kotli and Mirpur

Key Activities:

  • Creation of a Situation Analysis in selected 18 districts to specifically document youth trends and their perception about democracy, human rights, political participation and voting. This published document will be shared with all the possible stakeholders nationally and internationally.

  • Formation of Youth Democracy Teams (YDTs) to carry out project activities in their respective districts

  • Development of Democracy Resource Banks to support and mentor Youth Democracy Team Members

  • Training workshops for members of YDTs (two training workshops in every district for the members of YDTs) using COMPASS

  • 90 Cascading events (in collaboration with other partners of the project) and various non-formal tools like theatre, puppetry etc

  • Democracy video and essay competition in partnership with Ministry of Human Rights

  • Publishing of a youth magazine titled "YouthInk"

  • District & National Youth Roundtables (TV Shows)

  • Sensitization Sessions in colleges/ universities to create awareness about voting and political participation

  • Intergenerational Democracy Symposium- The participants at the forum will explore ways and develop guidelines with other stakeholders to promote and advance democracy and human rights education with young people as an integral part of the National Youth Policy and other governmental policies.

  • Ensure voter registration of young people under the age of 35 in selected districts

  • Development of Youth Charter of Demand for Mainstreaming HRE & Democratic Citizenship.

  • Development and Participation of Young People in HRE Interactive website at district offices